Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Puzzle Begins

Hello internet! My name is Larissa, and it’s a pleasure to meet you. You’ll find me pictured below with my lovely editor, Jetta (she approved this post).
In the world of New Year’s resolutions that fall through the cracks, never to be realized, I hope to consider my own an exception, and so I’m putting my best foot forward and launching my own blog to illustrate my journey of self discovery as a vivacious young woman. 

I am many things, including visionary, imaginative, dreamer, friendly, animal lover, sister, student, writer, musician, goofball, night owl, dog mom, Scorpio, indecisive, passionate...I could go on. Perhaps I created this blog for no other reason than to record my own thought process throughout a crazy time in my life.

As a young adult, I’m knee deep in confusion and indecision as I try to figure out what to do with my life. Though I’m currently a first year college student (Go Blue Hens!), I the jury is still out, per se, on how Larissa should put her existence to use.

Which brings me to the title of this budding blog. Stemming from my semi-unhealthy passion for the Alice in Wonderland story, I adapted "The Great Puzzle" from the following quote from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland:

“I wonder if I've been changed in the night. Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I'm not the same, the next question is 'Who in the world am I?' Ah, that's the great puzzle!”

A puzzle, indeed. Shall I continue my pursuit of an animal science related career to soothe my passion for the furry? Go the newsy route and aim for journalism? Purchase a tent and adopt a hobo lifestyle? I’m figuring it out (or at least I’m faking it really well).

So come along on the journey with me! I don’t promise reports of space age alien battles or encounters with the rich and famous, but I do promise some interesting mishaps and tidbits will pop up within these pages.

Hugs and Wishes,


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